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Four-Line Dropper: A project developed via Agile methodologies

Note that this project was made for a course for the JHU Engineering for Professionals program.

The directory front_end holds a Rust project for the "front_end" code. Or in other words, it holds the client-side code for the project. The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) started with just the front_end, and if all the goals are met, then the "front_end" may connect to a "back_end" for networked gameplay.

The directory back_end holds a Rust project for the "back_end" code. It holds the server-side code for the project. It is mainly used to handle "Networked Multiplayer" mode for the game.

The directory specifications holds defined specifications. It currently holds the back-end specifications (database and protocol).

The directory spreadsheets hold LibreOffice Calc documents that are spreadsheets organizing the work. There is a document for User Stories, a document for the Product Backlogs, and there will be a document for each Sprint.

The directory retrospectives holds the retrospectives of Sprints 3 and onward.

The directory plans contains the release plans.

The directory pictures holds pertinent images to the project. It includes the "Simple Model" of the project.


The git repository is tagged per Sprint and per Day. One can visualize the progress here.

What is Four-Line Dropper?

Four-Line Dropper is a game where two players take turns dropping tokens into a board. Making a line of four tokens long horizontally, vertically, or diagonally is the win condition of the game. If the board fills up with no four-line matches, then the game ends in a draw. The game is called "Four-Line Dropper" to avoid clashing with the game's original name that is trademarked (this game is a clone of an existing game).

Link to a hosted instance

I have hosted an instance of the front-end/back-end here.