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EntityComponentMetaSystem is a header-only library. However, UnitTests can be built and run using cmake (gtest is a dependency).

(Note that gtest uses the BSD 3-Clause License.)

Generated Doxygen Documentation

Check this repository's gh-pages documentation on ECMS

Alternatively, check out the doxygen docs hosted on my website

Compiling the UnitTests

Create a build directory.
mkdir build

Generate makefile with CMake.
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../src

Build the project's UnitTests.

Run the UnitTests.

Install the Header-Only Library

mkdir build; cd build

Install the project to where you want to.
make DESTDIR=install_here install

In this example, CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr, then invoking make DESTDIR=install_here install will install the src/EC directory to install_here/usr/include. The path to Manager.hpp will then look like install_here/usr/include/EC/Manager.hpp