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This mod puts turn-based-combat of RPGs into Minecraft!


Precompiled jars are available here:

Forge or NeoForge

The forge branch tracks the version of the mod for Minecraft Forge.

The neoforge branch tracks the version of the mod for Minecraft NeoForge.

What changed in what version

See the Changelog

Things you may need to know about this mod

On first run, this mod will create a config file and some directories in your Minecraft directory. They will typically be located at .minecraft/config/TurnBasedMinecraft. (for the server they will be in the config directory in the server directory.)

The config file .minecraft/config/TurnBasedMinecraft/TBM_Config.toml is commented with info on what each option does. It will also be moved if a newer version of this mod has a newer version of the config file (usually renamed with a timestamp). I will try my best to not move the previous version config, but rather edit the previous version config to have new options. When a new config version is made, usually because a new entry has been added, the existing config is renamed to a file with a timestamp in the filename of when it was replaced. One can set a config option in the config to prevent it being overwritten if necessary.

Some options in the config file only affect the Server, and some only affect the Client. When playing multiplayer, some configuration of the config on the server may be needed.


  • Combat between players and mobs or other players will invoke a turn based battle between them
  • Supports use of the vanilla Minecraft bow and arrows (have bow selected when in battle)
  • Supports custom battle music to be played when fighting enemies. (They must be placed in .minecraft/config/TurnBasedMinecraft/Music/battle or .minecraft/config/TurnBasedMinecraft/Music/silly. Client-side config determines which song plays in battle for the client. only .wav, .mid, .mp3, and .ogg files supported. Only .mid files are not affected by volume options (master and music sliders)) Midi file playback has been disabled for now due to lack of volume control issues. MP3 file playback sometimes fails, but seems to work better when the file is as "barebones" as possible (no album art metadata in the file).
    • It is recommended to use .ogg files for music.
    • Note that ogg Vorbis is supported, and NOT ogg Opus.
    • One can convert to ogg Vorbis with ffmpeg like this: ffmpeg -i <my_music_file_to_convert> -map a:0 -c:a libvorbis output.ogg.
  • Config allows limiting number of combatants in turn-based battle.
  • Config can be modified (server-side) to add entries of mobs from other mods. (by default an unknown mob cannot enter turn-based battle, so the config must be configured for them.)


Simply invoke ./gradlew build in the mod directory and after some time the finished jar will be saved at build/libs/TurnBasedMinecraft-NeoForge-1.25.2-all.jar


This mod should support reproducible builds. See Reproducibility.md to see more details.

Other notes

This mod uses j-ogg-vorbis available from http://www.j-ogg.de and copyrighted by Tor-Einar Jarnbjo.

This mod also uses JavaMP3 which is licensed under the MIT License.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ page.

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