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C++ conan package

Provides a network connection over UDP, with verification of packet support via libsodium (optional). Implemented in C++ (up to C++11 standard), but is available via a C api, which should facilitate creating bindings for other programming languages if needed.

This library is still a work in progress, so api breaking changes may happen in the future.
This library is usable. Try testing it out using the NetworkTest binary which is built when Debug builds are enabled (the default) with CMake.

$ ./NetworkTest
[-c | -s] - client or server (default server)
-ll <addr> - listen addr
-lp <port> - listen port
-cl <addr> - connection addr (client only)
-clh <hostname> - connection hostname (client only)
-cp <port> - connection port (client only)
-t <tick_count>
-n - do not add payload to packets
-l (silent|error|warning|info|verbose|debug) - log level, default debug
-e - enable receiving events
-ls - enable libsodium
-ck <pubkey_file> - add pubkey to whitelist
-sk <pubkey> <seckey> - start with pub/sec key pair
-p <"fallback" or "strict"> - set auth policy
--hostname <hostname> - dont run test, just lookup hostname

A typical test can be done with the following parameters:


./NetworkTest -s -ll ::1 -lp 9000 -t 50 -e


./NetworkTest -c -ll ::1 -lp 9001 -cl ::1 -cp 9000 -t 40 -e

NetworkTest gracefully shuts down on SIGINT (Ctrl-C).

The source of NetworkTest can be found in src/test/UDPC_NetworkTest.c.


See the gh-pages generated Doxygen documentation here.

Alternatively, see the generated Doxygen documentation on my website.


Release builds

mkdir buildRelease
cd buildRelease
make DESTDIR=install_destination install

Debug builds

mkdir buildDebug
cd buildDebug
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..


The program in src/test/UDPC_NetworkTest.c is used for testing UDPConnection and is also an example of using the library in a C program.

Debug Builds

NetworkTest only builds when CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is Debug (default).

UnitTest only builds in Debug mode.



Other Notes

Inspired by a series of blog posts about networking for games.


conan packages of this library are available here.

The conan branch contains the necessary changes to publish this library as a conan package. Expect the conan branch to merge master in the future.

An example project is available here to use this project with conan.