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Provides a network connection over UDP, with verification of packet support via libsodium (optional). Implemented in C++ (up to C++11 standard), but is available via a C api, which should facilitate creating bindings for other programming languages if needed.

This library is still a work in progress, so api breaking changes may happen in the future.


See the gh-pages generated Doxygen documentation here.


Release builds

mkdir buildRelease
cd buildRelease
make DESTDIR=install_destination install

Debug builds

mkdir buildDebug
cd buildDebug
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..


The program in src/test/UDPC_NetworkTest.c is used for testing UDPConnection and is also an example of using the library in a C program.

Debug Builds

NetworkTest only builds when CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is Debug (default).

UnitTest only builds in Debug mode and if GTest (a unit testing framework) is available.