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(First) Demo for jumpartifact.com

This project will be the demo displayed on the home page of jumpartifact.com.

Currently, a forgejo action is configured for this repo to publish the WASM build to jumpartifact.com/demo0.

Setting up

Clone https://github.com/emscripten-core/emsdk.git to ${HOME}/git/emsdk, and run the following commands in the cloned directory:

git checkout 3.1.56
./emsdk install 3.1.56
./emsdk activate 3.1.56

Now you can use emsdk by sourcing the emsdk_env.sh file and using emcc/em++. The Makefile in wasm_build/ should now "just work" with make.

Testing the wasm build

After building the wasm version of this demo (which should have emitted an .html file and a .wasm file and possibly more), you can invoke python -m http.server (or use whatever http server you want) in the directory where the .html file is, and open your browser to localhost:8000 (if using python -m http.server). You should then be able to click on the emitted .html to open the wasm build in the browser.