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Linux Traffic Rate in Rust

This program was used in conjunction with i3status to add network-rate-info to swaybar. The const variables at the top of main.rs can be configured for different use cases.

It simply reads from /proc/net/dev to obtain byte-counts of the specified network interface and writes to four files, two of which keep track of the total byte count for sending and receiving, and the other two contain the "diffs" for each (configurable) interval (by default 5 seconds).

rust_network_status_rate 0.1.0

    rust_network_status_rate [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <net-dev>

    -s, --disable-scaling      Disables byte scaling into interval files
    -e, --enable-alt-prefix    Enable use of alternate prefix instead of XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
    -h, --help                 Prints help information
    -V, --version              Prints version information

    -p, --prefix <alternate-prefix-dir>             Prefix to use instead of XDG_RUNTIME_DIR if enabled [default: /tmp]
    -v, --interval-seconds <interval-seconds>       Interval in seconds between checking network rate [default: 5]
    -i, --pid-filename <pid-filename>               Filename to write pid to [default: rust_network_rate_pid]
    -r, --recv-interval <recv-interval-filename>
            Filename of interval bytes recieved (in prefix dir) [default: rust_recv_interval]

    -d, --recv-total <recv-total-filename>
            Filename of total bytes received (in prefix dir) [default: rust_recv_total]

    -s, --send-interval <send-interval-filename>
            Filename of interval bytes sent (in prefix dir) [default: rust_send_interval]

    -u, --send-total <send-total-filename>
            Filename of total bytes sent (in prefix dir) [default: rust_send_total]